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If you have made it here, you are probably seeking an exemption from the recent vaccine mandate (7/9/2021) by the President. Contrary to what you may hear, religious exemptions are still on the table.

Our goal at is to compile trusted legal resources, data and information into a single place that can help you draft your religious exemption letter. All of the resources can be found under the various menu items and we encourage you to review the items as time allows.

If you plan on obtaining a religious exemption, it is essential that you prepare to do some research, which will assist you in drafting the exemption. Your research will also equip you to better defend your religious beliefs. The main premise for many people seeking an exemption is that the CV19 Vaccines either contain or were tested on aborted fetal tissue.

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2. Fill out Liberty Council’s legal help form

3. Browse our web site and begin doing some research. This will help you to begin constructing your religious exemption letter.

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